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My impression is that these are constructive observations, not bow shots. I think they are simply trying to convey information.
Michael Hogan

We [commission members] recommended that the scientists and regulatory officials get on top of the safety issue.
Michael Hogan

We meet socially to talk about Australian (or New Zealand) politics, sports.
Michael Hogan

It's a disaster for him, I think. It's never a good thing for a president to say he doesn't know something.
Michael Hogan

All the phones will be ringing on April 3 (Monday), because everyone will want tech support. But at least they will be ringing one hour apart.
Michael Hogan

As we focus on the goals of our strategic plan, rankings play a role in gauging our progress. Though some programs have gained in these rankings and others have dropped, it's the long list of graduate programs in which we excel that continues to make me proud.
Michael Hogan