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True Love has many forms. But my true love is her...and her name is B.D.C she is an amazing girl who i can connect with on many levels. She is a girl who i can tell everything to and not feel embarrassed about my flaws she can see through my imperfections and find me perfect the way i am and i can do the same with her i love her and if my love had to be compared to some sort of size on earth it wouldn't be compared to anything because my love for her is as big as the universe. I love you babe
Michael Henderson
#I Love You

Rich media is now important for the Internet, be it Java animation or audio, ... The time is right and the systems are in place to present rich media.
Michael Henderson

We're trying to create a blend of audio and video elements to induce the viewer to do something more proactively, ... And for advertisers, companies who already have audio clips in the can from other media campaigns can now use them through banner ads.
Michael Henderson

[CA] saw an opportunity and has brought out versions of its core product for Linux and melded them in as part of their overall architecture.
Michael Henderson

Service has always been kind of up there (for me).
Michael Henderson

You've got rules and regulations to follow.
Michael Henderson