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Mervyl Melendez Quotes

It was a domino effect. I'd say the program that we had established here through hard work, pride, trust, loyalty -- those things just went south. We had some guys on the team that were cancers and some others followed them. We had guys who didn't want to be here.
Mervyl Melendez
#Hard Work

Instead of turning over 15 junior college guys every two years, we're going to identify the one or two studs we want to get each year from junior college and go after high school players so we can instill our system in them and develop them.
Mervyl Melendez

I don't know if I can take these games. But as long as we get out of these jams, I'll be all right.
Mervyl Melendez

I'm not happy at all with this performance.
Mervyl Melendez

We faced some good pitching in this game, and that's what we needed going into the rest of the season. We'll bounce back. We'll be alright.
Mervyl Melendez