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I can honestly say that there was no nurturing at all. I mean, we were fed. We were well clothed. The neglect was love. I can never ever remember being told 'I love you' as a little kid. I have no memories of sitting on my parents' lap, snuggling. I have no memories of my mother ever reading to me. I don't remember ever, ever being hugged.
Melody Strong
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I grew up in a terror-filled household. My mother was the primary victim, but it trickles down. She was so busy trying to keep my dad happy that she wasn't able to love her kids, so we had no nurturing.
Melody Strong

(Child abuse) is something that's not talked about. It's the dirty little secret. There is the immediate damage, but there is also the damage that it does down the road. It's the baggage that you carry. It's not here and today, it's tomorrow.
Melody Strong