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Maurizio Margaglio Quotes

When we heard the crowd, we just felt 'Viva! We're off!'.
Maurizio Margaglio

With the Olympics coming to our country, how could we not try to compete? Our dancing was not as good as we wanted it to be right away, but tonight we are very satisfied.
Maurizio Margaglio

I think we did a great performance, we are skating really strong and we'll keep going like that because we know it's the right way.
Maurizio Margaglio

There is no love lost between us.
Maurizio Margaglio
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We came in with painful hearts, but when we heard the crowd, the heart started beating again.
Maurizio Margaglio

We weren't angry with each other. It was rage at our work. We were in first place after the compulsory and we wanted to keep it. You would be angry, too.
Maurizio Margaglio