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It's a surprise reversal today after the labor number this morning. The resignation of O'Neill was certainly a positive for the market. That was clearly the catalyst. The market was also getting a little oversold. And you have some good participation from tech.
Matt Ruane

The near term out of these companies is shaky. It's the forecast for higher growth in the second half that is really bringing markets higher today. People are seeing a little light at the end of the tunnel.
Matt Ruane

The durable goods made it look like the market was ready for a jump, but confidence knocked it back down. We're also in the worst of the summer doldrums. Then, Intel is also putting a damper on things. Markets tried to rally earlier, but couldn't because of Intel. The stock could probably hit its 52-week low soon.
Matt Ruane

The economic news helps, but I don't know if this is more than a short-covering rally. If there was something more substantial that could sustain us for two or three days, I would be a believer, but I just don't see anything out there.
Matt Ruane

Bush's comments provided some short-term comfort. But shortly after, we sold back down again.
Matt Ruane