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We gotta be as intense as possible, but at the same time intensity and consistency have to go hand-in-hand. Yeah, we can play our hearts out, but if we aren't sharp and we aren't good, it isn't gonna matter. Our intensity has to breed better play. We just have to be at our best these next couple of weeks of practice and in the playoffs.
Matt Proper

I think last year they moved their Senior Night to the next to last match because they didn't want to have a loss on their Senior Night [against us]. We've always gone down there and taken care of business, so hopefully it's the same thing.
Matt Proper

I think we need to work on our passing a little bit. We haven't blocked too many balls lately, so hopefully we can focus on passing and our blocking. Our defense has been coming around, but I'd say blocking and passing are two of the big keys we need to focus on from here on out.
Matt Proper