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Matt McCool Quotes

We did a good job of keeping up with (Jones') fastball).
Matt McCool

Brandon did a good job ? got them to hit ground balls ? and then Marcus did an excellent job.
Matt McCool

We had a few mistakes here and there, but it wasn't too sloppy. We had more positives than negatives and that's what we've got to have.
Matt McCool

We made adjustments. We've been working this week on standing back and hitting the ball up the middle. The kids did a good job.
Matt McCool

It's going to be the team that's best at the plate. You've got to have the pitching and defense, but the team that's been hottest at the plate is going to win.
Matt McCool

It's important. We're going to have to win the one-run games in our district. If we can improve on mental errors, we'll be all right.
Matt McCool