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Matt Hill Quotes

I started out 0-2 on that batter and threw four straight balls. I knew I needed to bear down there and take control of the game, let them hit the ball and throw strikes.
Matt Hill

I prefer it being decorated. I don't think any art should be covered up unless it is derogatory.
Matt Hill

Right now they are getting paid to do what they have been trained to do. That's science with practice.
Matt Hill

Not many expected us to be this good this year after losing Matt Hanley and Jeff Vincent to graduation. People didn't know who we were, and we were running under the radar. We're playing well, and people are starting to take notice.
Matt Hill

Plum always has a good baseball team. They're probably the best team we've faced so far this year.
Matt Hill

I've pitched for teams where there's been awful defense. It's good to have those guys back there, especially Dylan Frank behind the plate because there were four or five strikeouts that were foul tips that he caught, and that was big.
Matt Hill