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Too often people look at the disability only and are quick to diagnose someone or try and figure out what is 'wrong' with them, when they should be treating them as people and looking at what they can do. The men on this trip gain a better understanding of people with disabilities: they grow as people, they learn that service to others is the most important thing that one can do in their lifetime and they also have the sense of accomplishment with their 4,000 miles of cycling.
Matt Brooks

Push America also builds accessible environments at camps and organizations that support people with disabilities across the country. We are an organization that educates over 6,000 young people a year on the disabled community and challenges they face from day to day.
Matt Brooks

This year we gave over $50,000 in grants across the country through the Journey of Hope.
Matt Brooks

It's neat to watch my dad with the younger kids just starting out. He helps them a lot at first with things like how to line up their sights, like he taught me. It's good to be able to learn from good coaches who teach you the right way to shoot and how to be safe with firearms.
Matt Brooks