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Mark Gorris Quotes

The overall number of seats doesn't change. Those are pre- and post-game seats, not baseball seats. But we think it's worth the investment.
Mark Gorris

Better venues usually bring better revenues. People are usually willing to spend more when there is more for them to do.
Mark Gorris

The good thing about Kauffman Stadium is that we have space. We can expand without a problem.
Mark Gorris

We've got to attract fans to come out for an entertainment experience. It's not like the old days where they come, sit down and watch the game.
Mark Gorris

I'm optimistic that it'll be a good result in the election, independent of the game.
Mark Gorris

It has been a love affair because you could see at the end of the tunnel that this was going to be really good for the franchise and good for Kansas City. We were all motivated to get to the right area and fortunately it worked out well.
Mark Gorris