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As she walked and pondered her future, she saw a sign that told her she was on a dead end. The street, she believed, was symbolic of the direction in which she saw her life headed. At that moment, she made a decision that would chart a new course for her.
Margo Mong

Not everyone was healed during these services. She would tell those who looked to her for a healing touch that she had no healing powers; the responsibility was God's. She was in sales, not management, and she did not know why management chose not to heal everyone. It was one of the first questions she wanted to ask the Lord when she got to Heaven.
Margo Mong

As the service moved forward toward its powerful climax, the miracles would begin. Kathryn would suddenly announce that a person in one of the balconies had been healed of an ailment, and someone in the wheelchair section was healed of cancer. On and on the announcements continued as the ushers moved up and down the aisles locating those who claimed to be healed in one of the ways described.
Margo Mong