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Marc Friedman Quotes

All these events happened many, many years ago, and he is not the same person today. He has renounced these activities.
Marc Friedman

We're all over the map as musicians. We're like Hungry Hippos: If each ball was a genre, we'd be all over it.
Marc Friedman

Usually on tour, each night, we'll call a random song and we'll end up playing it in a way we hadn't thought of before, songs that we had not thought of touching or had sworn off, because they have a connotation of oldness. We're like all right, whatever, we'll just do it, and it'll sound fresh and new. It's a sign of three dudes who like to play together.
Marc Friedman

We have a healthy learning curve process. We went to music school. We've all been trained since we were 6 or 7.
Marc Friedman