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With such little evidence that many employees understand or appreciate the risk of owning large amounts of company stock, diversification remains an issue in many plans.
Lori Lucas

For the average person, these life cycle funds are an excellent option.
Lori Lucas

Our findings show that too many workers are not looking at their 401(k) savings as long-term in nature, but are instead using termination of employment as an opportunity to spend this money.
Lori Lucas

If you save just 2% more and retire at 67 instead of 65, it dramatically improves your retirement outlook.
Lori Lucas

We've noted over the past year that 401(k) participants' reaction to the bear market has been best characterized as
Lori Lucas

The average person is not making any choices on a proactive basis, on an annual basis. We have more anecdotal evidence that the individuals are not really sure what the choices are.
Lori Lucas