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If the defendant wants to rerun the argument he should be entitled to go to court, in which case the burden of proof lies with the prosecution.
Lord Falconer

I remain confident that the prince and Mrs. Parker Bowles can marry in a civil ceremony. We have considered every aspect of this and taken all the appropriate advice.
Lord Falconer

No one should be able to escape justice by not turning up when they're supposed to.
Lord Falconer

The line has got to be drawn in relation to things that might cause acts of terrorism; it's not necessarily a proven link - if the risk is high enough,
Lord Falconer

The government is satisfied that it is lawful for the Prince of Wales and Mrs. Parker Bowles, like anyone else, to marry by a civil ceremony in accordance with Part III of the Marriage Act 1949.
Lord Falconer

I think the public, and the jury and people involved in these cases need to have a clearer picture of where the line is to be drawn because the discussion we're having now reveals to some extent the difficulties of where that line is.
Lord Falconer