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McCoy went back before the Senate in Washington, D.C., and testified in front of the Senate subcommittee and pushed for a federal anti-freeze law.
Lisa Jennings

God puts the right people together. We want clothes in decent shape and suitcases and backpacks to carry stuff around in, canned goods, bottled water. Our goal is to leave Sunday for Jackson, Mississippi...We chose that because no emergency workers have showed up, but we're hoping for three vans full.
Lisa Jennings

Alysha is very deserving of the award that exemplifies youth activism, ethics and bravery. We look for people who are working on making changes in our society and working with people on solutions to animal welfare. This definitely applies to Alysha.
Lisa Jennings

Alysha is a fine example of how young people can make a huge difference in their community,
Lisa Jennings

The Spirit of the Mission Award is given for work done in New Mexico that has brought about precedent-setting changes with a national impact that advance the animal rights movement.
Lisa Jennings

Maybe some representatives or senators are connected to that in some way, but I wouldn't know and can't speculate on that.
Lisa Jennings