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We're constantly trying to tell the story through the eyes of individual marines. And when we open there will be major exhibits on WWII, the Korean War and Vietnam, ... But there will be general exhibitory that will take the visitor through Marine Corps history from 1775 to the present.
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I think the best advice really is not to decide too early what you want to be when you grow up, ... Because there are so many options once you get out here in this big world ... you never know which direction fate's going to push you.
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I'm overseeing the exhibits program and starting from scratch to build an education program, so that we have a formal and informal education program available,
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The Marines have a saying that, 'If you can't hire a Marine, you hire a civilian and you turn them green,' ... And greening is what is happening.
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Without really intending to, I kind of went up the ranks in museum management positions, ... I didn't plan on making a career of it, but it seems I really, really enjoy the work.
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[Opening day] might sound like a long ways away, but this last year is going to be really action-packed to make sure we get everything done, ... It's a 360-degree sort of experience. It's a very ambitious exhibition program, and that's what we'll be scrambling to complete.
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