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He was no martyr. He was no hero But in the last two years, selfishness gave way to selflessness, lies gave way to truth and indulgence gave way to spirituality, and anyone watching that couldn't help but be moved by it.
Lex Lasry
#Lies And Lying

Australia is in a great position to take a human rights lead in this region and to make the argument to the other countries -- the rational, intellectual, legal argument as to why the death penalty simply can no longer be tolerated.
Lex Lasry
#Human Rights

This is in a sense a trophy trial designed to show the (federal police) are working hard, protecting us against terrorism.
Lex Lasry

It is a sad, sad situation to be in this courtroom in this country hearing a prosecutor saying to a jury that one of the things he relies upon is that Mr. Thomas thought about something.
Lex Lasry

It is easy to see in this case that the provision of funds was for an innocent purpose.
Lex Lasry