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Public safety remains our principal interest. The Army has demonstrated since 1990 that it can safely destroy these chemical munitions, having already destroyed over 8,000 tons of chemical agent and over 1.3 million munitions without harming human health or the environment.
Les Brownlee

To many places around the world, the face of the United States is the face of the American soldier.
Les Brownlee
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We're going to move to make those improvements.
Les Brownlee

If you look at the operational environment in which we're now operating and the one we think we'll be operating in the future, we think that is not where we should put our focus,
Les Brownlee

It is important that these plans be available for implementation when the security conditions and the capabilities of the Iraqi Security Forces might enable us to do so, ... Please develop a plan that would enable us on fairly short notice to curtail tour lengths for our deployed and deploying soldiers.
Les Brownlee