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Kurt Harclerode Quotes

It's done to relieve flooding pressures around Lake Okeechobee, protect lives and property around the lake, and that's why we had to do this.
Kurt Harclerode

We have asked for state legislative support, and we are pleased that the county is working with our federal elected officials to try and bring money back to these projects.
Kurt Harclerode

An atmosphere has been whipped up by our local media with a marketing campaign that doesn't ask for or provide solutions, but only wants people to come protest and show their anger. We hope there will be an opportunity for our staff to present information to our board as well as for our board to take informed public comment.
Kurt Harclerode

That isn't a whole lot. It's getting close enough that we're concerned, and we're having these meetings.
Kurt Harclerode

That will be hard for the people wanting to build.
Kurt Harclerode