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Kristin King Quotes

The shadows are great. Leah came up with that. There wouldn't have been enough parts for the dancers without them.
Kristin King

It's not all bad for the guys. They get to dance with the girls.
Kristin King

I think it's a journey that's been great. We've been tested in every single way imaginable, and I think it's going to help us in the end, battling through adversity and doing what we need to do in the end to win the game.
Kristin King

It's something you can't get out of your mind. What if we'd done this? What if that happened? But at some point, you've got to move on. We could be (ticked) off the rest of our lives.
Kristin King

The best memory is probably the bronze medal game and winning the bronze medal. Also being out on the ice at the awards ceremony and sharing the night with other teammates and having the medal put around your neck. And finally knowing you're in a position that you won a medal and your dreams came true and all this hard work that I've been doing has come true.
Kristin King