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It's a harbinger of slower growth. Both home-building and remodeling helped carry the economy through slower times. Now it will be the reverse, or at the very least it won't be a source of propping up the economy.
Kermit Baker

This is a generation that has wealth and longevity. And most aging people don't want to move.
Kermit Baker

Over the last 10 years, we've seen a fairly significant core of the population spending more than half the value of their home on improvements. Some of that is because buyers increasingly are moving into older suburbs convenient to their jobs in the city, and they're renovating smaller Cape Cod and ranch-style homes.
Kermit Baker

My suspicion is, this 'staying within the footprint' idea has to do with zoning. If there are restriction setbacks in a community, or floor area requirements, there's an incentive to do this. You can't build on, so you build within. That would generate some pretty creative solutions.
Kermit Baker