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Kenny Irons Quotes

It's something you don't expect to happen. I learned a lot being around two great running backs, two first-round picks. You can't do nothing but learn. You see what they do, their routine, how they practice.
Kenny Irons

There was a lot of traffic and a couple of accidents on the freeway. I have never seen so much traffic. I thought Atlanta traffic was bad. It got so tiring, I didn't want to drive anymore. I just wanted to relax.
Kenny Irons

The coaches were giving me chances after chances after chances. You can only get so many chances before the coaches say, 'We're through with this guy. Let's move on. In the locker room at halftime, I kind of felt like I know I can do this. Let's go.
Kenny Irons

Being back is great, just being with my teammates and everybody else.
Kenny Irons

We can't blame it on one person. Everybody made mistakes. We just have to keep our heads up.
Kenny Irons

He's learning fast, faster than I did when I first got here. I'm impressed. Even the coaches are, and the other running backs. They like to see him run. He picks things up fast. He'll be a great asset to the team.
Kenny Irons