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The league's longevity serves as a great testament to its success. It's a 35-year tradition at the Shore.
Ken O'Donnell

Your youth is going to show against a team as good as Seton Hall Prep is. We're happy that we got to the final and, hopefully, gained some confidence from the experience.
Ken O'Donnell

If there is a lockout, it appears as if NBA players will be allowed to do whatever they want. They would be allowed to play in the league, however it will be at their own risk. Once again, we will have an athletic trainer on site, as well as a doctor.
Ken O'Donnell

We dug a hole for ourselves, but I'm proud of the way the kids came back. There's no such thing as a good loss, but at least we have a majority of our team back next season, so it will hopefully be a different story next year.
Ken O'Donnell