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Ken Baker Quotes

The celebrity equivalent of a professorial debate. Cooler heads will prevail. These are both pretty smart people who will bury the hatchet.
Ken Baker

It's a very lowbrow Lennon/McCartney feud but with just as much bad blood. If Paul and John couldn't make up, these two (can't either).
Ken Baker

This has been a goal for a number of years, and I?m glad the plan has now become reality. Making the employees part owners is a big benefit to our customers, as well as the employees?. When a customer calls, they can speak with an owner.
Ken Baker

Defensively, we made all the plays. It?s easy to lose focus sometimes. That?s all part of the game. And adjusting at the plate. We?re still trying to make some adjustments on our timing. We hit the ball, but we?re going to have to do better than that as the season goes along.
Ken Baker

Denise and Heather were inseparable. They were neighbors. They lived basically on the same street. They spent a lot of time together, especially since both started engaging in a divorce proceeding.
Ken Baker