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Karen Wayland Quotes

Richard Nixon went to China, and Ronald Reagan sat down with the Russians. Today President Bush has the same kind of opportunity to change his course. But it will take more than just a speech to do it.
Karen Wayland

If Saudi Arabia decides to disrupt the global economy, we'll still feel it, even if we're not buying from them.
Karen Wayland

This could truly be a defining moment for his presidency or, depending on what he does, empty promises.
Karen Wayland

Orchestrating a federal budget plan to allow Arctic drilling ... only serves to pay back big energy companies that have been hauling in record profits.
Karen Wayland

This isn't over yet. We'll keep fighting to make sure that this sneaky strategy is stopped in its tracks. Rather than improving national security as the rest of the bill does, cutting off the most promising offshore wind project in the country would harm it. This won't help America break its addiction to oil and reliance on foreign sources of energy.
Karen Wayland