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Karen Garmon Quotes

The girls were just going after it for bragging rights, just to give them one loss. Any time a team's undefeated, you know everybody's gonna try to take that away from 'em. They got it all. I hope that they do well. I'd like to get 'em in the tournament now.
Karen Garmon

Our seniors really wanted it and laid it on the line at the half. This was their last opportunity. It may not have looked like it in the third quarter, but they lit a fire and started playing some basketball.
Karen Garmon

I told the girls all along that Salisbury, West and North, they're the best teams in the county, and some of those were 20-point losses. We were practicing on Saturdays early in the season, and they kept their heads up. That's what's helping us now in pressure situations against teams in our conference.
Karen Garmon

She's small, but she's the strongest kid on the team. She came in with fire and intensity, got on the floor and grabbed loose balls. As small as she is, she's strong enough to box out and grab rebounds and produce offense. She has good moves. She's just small, so she really has to work twice as hard as everybody else.
Karen Garmon

They had everything going their way, but our kids stayed focused. Instead of fussing at referees, we finished the game.
Karen Garmon