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We played well, pretty much up to our potential. We came out with a lot of intensity and are looking good for Wednesday.
Julian Illingworth

The mental and physical strain that squash puts on your body is what makes it a great game. There is no one dominating style that will always work, so it forces you to constantly be thinking and adapting your game to who you are playing against and what they are doing.
Julian Illingworth

The hospital had received 1,500 injured children after the earthquake in the area and there were still 50 there. It was a pretty touching experience. Pakistan was awesome. Everything was much nicer than I expected. The hotel we stayed at was very westernized, so I wasn't roughing it all. I did not feel in danger at any point on the trip. The bus from the hotel to the squash center was led and followed by police cars at all times.
Julian Illingworth