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Johnny Gray Quotes

I've loved March Madness since I was in elementary school. Basketball is a team game, and whatever team plays best that night deserves to win. That's the beauty of college basketball. You look around the country and see underdogs beating top teams.
Johnny Gray

It feels great, especially against an undefeated team from the Big 12. They're not undefeated for no reason. Now, they have a blemish on their record, and it's thanks to us and our team.
Johnny Gray

To tell you the truth, I felt it in warm-ups. Sometimes in warm-ups you hit shots, but tonight just felt a little different. It felt like tonight might be the night.
Johnny Gray

He has the best jump hook I've ever seen. When he's active and fighting for the ball, fighting for position, no one can stop him.
Johnny Gray

The Big West Tournament is basically a new season. Teams have new life, and whichever team plays the best deserves to win. That's college basketball. That's the beauty of it.
Johnny Gray