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John Worsfold Quotes

Michael Gardiner has met with me and made some strong commitments to the team, the club and to himself. I believe he is in the right frame of mind to help our club strive towards our vision.
John Worsfold

We saw it as our only option and Michael had had plenty of opportunities in the past to address his professionalism in regard to our vision and he hadn't been able to do that.
John Worsfold

We've got a very disciplined football club with one player who can't live up to it and now has to show us he can to get back into our squad.
John Worsfold

He's a very good footballer and he's still a developing footballer so there's no doubt he'll keep improving throughout this year, and I would expect over the next year as well.
John Worsfold

I think we kicked 4.6 in the third quarter, and seven points straight in the last - but the boys were pretty tired so I am going to take that into account, certainly in the last quarter.
John Worsfold

All of them (the players) just sticking at it and never conceding and showing real determination.
John Worsfold