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There's no doubt, if you want to be successful on the Internet, that aligning yourself with the postal service probably isn't a bad idea. We hope to play that trump card an awful lot.
John Nolan

PosteCS brings the trust, security and peace of mind that the Postal Service brand is known for to the area of global electronic communications. In addition, through PosteCS, customers will have the option of using the USPS Electronic Postmark, which provides an added layer of security to electronic documents.
John Nolan

the bottom line (is that) there was no indication at all that there was any risk.
John Nolan

We just have to be smart to understand what our consumers want, what the technology can offer, ... In that sense, we're ready for the Internet to be a disruptive technology and completely disrupt our normal volumes. How much and to what extent remain to be seen. But it's also a supportive technology; we see tremendous opportunities in being able to reach more customers in a much richer fashion through the Internet.
John Nolan

It was an uphill battle. Our kids never quit. When they got down it would have been easy to walk away, but they battled all the way back.
John Nolan

It's hard with just having freshmen. They can't drive. Transportation becomes difficult to and from practice.
John Nolan