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Joe Thompson Quotes

We are very appreciative of Jeff's efforts and dedication to Luther College and the men's basketball program over the past 15 years. Under Jeff's leadership, the men's basketball program has been competitive, continually displayed a high level of integrity, and enriched the lives of our student-athletes both on and off the basketball court.
Joe Thompson

If they were hunting, we'd be the biggest animal in the woods right now,
Joe Thompson

We realize that we are definitely a target for them, and that puts our kids on the defensive a little bit, ... We're aware. We're alert. But we have goals of our own, and in order to meet them we have to find a way to win no matter who we're playing.
Joe Thompson

It is great to be able to work with them again.
Joe Thompson

It's not an insurance product, but a safety-net package.
Joe Thompson

We've seen in the past where the need for one person, who happens to be a white male, is OK but the same articulation of need by a female doesn't pass muster.
Joe Thompson