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I felt good yesterday, ... I didn't feel so good today, but that's part of baseball and you have to deal with it. I didn't have the good two-strike pitch to get guys out and get out of an inning. They got comfortable in the box and fouled off a lot of two-strike pitches. I couldn't find anything that worked.
Joe Kennedy

I had a 30-year career in business, in multi-national corporations. I went around the world.
Joe Kennedy

My main focus was not to kill the bullpen. We've got a crucial stretch coming up with Anaheim and New York so my goal was to go at least five, and I did that.
Joe Kennedy

We have added 442 jobs in Dade City and already have introduced 18 businesses to Pasco County. This not only benefits Dade City, but the county as a whole.
Joe Kennedy

The local economy is good but we need rain.
Joe Kennedy

It's just his batting style; he doesn't get out of the way.
Joe Kennedy