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I think the biggest issue is that men historically have had opportunities to start developing competitive skills at a very young age, whereas most women didn't. So a lot of women athletes missed out on the opportunity to work out all those complex emotions that happen in fierce competition. Rather than genetic differences, I've found that the real differences go away when males and females have equal competitive experiences beginning at a young age. That's happening more in our culture, and no question the top women athletes of the future are going to be just as tough and focused as the top men.
Jim Loehr

The natural question is, does she own this vision, or is it something that has been put together from outside herself? Having observed her, I really have the sense that she's the principal architect. Yes, her parents are feeding it, but ultimately it's something you can't fake. It has to be something you own, or the whole thing fizzles out.
Jim Loehr

Peter showed an extraordinary ability not to become discouraged when he gets into deep water or heavy current. We don't see levels like that very often.
Jim Loehr

She's going to come out when she's ready, probably sooner than later, and set the world on fire,
Jim Loehr

With confidence, you can reach truly amazing heights; without confidence, even the simplest accomplishments are beyond your grasp.
Jim Loehr

I'd call this a natural consequence of the changing dynamics of expectation. Being on the cover changes the way people see themselves, and they have to metabolize a different set of conditions. They're supposed to be superstars now, and if they don't live up to that, they've somehow failed. This changing perception causes many athletes to feel pressure and have a much harder time achieving their ideal performance. The Jinx isn't just a cover phenomenon. It occurs whenever an athlete receives a particular level of attention that builds expectation.
Jim Loehr