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We did it more for marketing than for political correctness. We thought that 'Tribe' had a better feel to it, in terms of our teams and team concept.
Jim Copeland

It's natural at my age that people will speculate on when I will retire. I'm not going to make any public statements on when I will retire until I meet with the president.
Jim Copeland
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Our goal is to win championships at SMU. Our strong finish to the 2005 season only strengthened my belief that Phil Bennett is the man who will lead us to Conference USA titles and bowl games in the years to come.
Jim Copeland

The more I [thought about] retirement, the better I felt. I don't think I will ever have another job as such, but I've been working since I was 14 years old. It will give me a chance to do other things.
Jim Copeland

In my mind and the committee's mind, Jimmy Tubbs became the standard that I judged all the other people against.
Jim Copeland

The few incidents described in recent media reports are not the sum of the alleged violations in the program. Those incidents would not, in themselves, warrant significant action on the part of the university.
Jim Copeland