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We're all colleagues. We're all in the same school district. What effects them effects us all. We just wanted to do our part and say we're thinking of them and our prayers our with them.
Jeff Hamilton

It spelled out the truth, and lots of times people don't want to look at that. At first, I thought, 'Wow! This guy's trying to come off as arrogant. He made it, and he's saying that not one of them will get that far.' They all dream of playing Division I college sports, but that bubble might have been burst. It brought things back to reality.
Jeff Hamilton

(Manchester) is a tough barn to win in, and we've got to come back the next night in Hartford, another tough barn, and then in Springfield, which has had our number.
Jeff Hamilton

There are almost always books from each of our imprints that center around the theme of prayer in any season.
Jeff Hamilton
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We're marketing that as a personal prayer book, primarily geared toward women.
Jeff Hamilton