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[Music is a fashion industry. Everyone at some point goes out of fashion.] For rock bands there's always someone there to tell you that it's not over, ... Even if the record is not selling someone will tell you the next one will, or it was the producer's fault or the record company. It was always someone else. And there's any number of people who will tell you how great you are in spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary.
James Valentine

This durable, patented low-cost filter design bridges the gap between low-efficiency diesel-oxidation catalysts and expensive, heavily catalyzed particulate filters. The wire-mesh filter system is designed to work synergistically with a fuel-borne catalyst (FBC) for reliable performance. This combined FBC/CWMF technology is especially suited to solving the challenging problem of delivering a reliable pollution control solution which can be easily retrofitted for the older, higher-emission diesel engines expected to be in service for years to come. CDT will be offering licensing opportunities and technology transfer programs for the CWMF technology to establish manufacturing and distribution partnerships that meet worldwide retrofit and original equipment manufacturer needs.
James Valentine

We've seen upside in all the railroad stocks over the next year, ... remains the cheapest railroad in our universe.
James Valentine

Senior Burlington management have been saying since March that if the moratorium is (upheld), the deal is in trouble. (The court decision) last Friday was the big event.
James Valentine

It is a very interesting piece, he says. It has been around a long time and this is a particularly good, vital and lively production full of laughs, gayety and a lot of wit. I think part of the intrigue of the play and the plot is the relationship with Eliza Doolittle and Henry Higgins. Pickering is always there as a kind of buffer, soother of egos, perhaps. And it's just a very good dramatic piece of theatre.
James Valentine
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