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James Tracy Quotes

Hopefully, this is just a statistical anomaly, as far as numbers, ... We certainly are doing everything in our power to prevent all (suicides). That is our institutional objective ? to have no suicides. That is drilled into everybody all the time.
James Tracy

Some people think we're not doing anything, that if some guy wants to commit suicide and tries, he's successful, ... That's not the case at all.
James Tracy

There is general agreement that there will be another human influenza pandemic. The question is not whether, but when.
James Tracy

The new facility is being designed to state-of-the-art building and safety standards. Moreover, it must meet a high federal standard for safety and security before any work can be conducted there.
James Tracy

He's probably one of the most outstanding scientists this campus has seen in decades. He's one we did not want to lose.
James Tracy