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You have the right to accept or reject medical treatment -- even if that request will compromise your health or lead to your death,
James Lewis

Technology is a hobby of mine, and my wife has a Ph.D. in educational administrative technology. There's all kinds of things around the house, ... Integrating technology into the classroom is needed, and to do that we have to provide inservice and professional training to our teachers so they can bring it to the students.
James Lewis

While the penalty appears excessive, we cannot quantify the exact exposure with certainty,
James Lewis

In some cases things have improved in some federal entities, but that's probably because everything of value has already been downloaded.
James Lewis

Our vision is to build a dynamic international organization that connects members with meaningful content, resources and opportunities. We aim to help students like Nicole build on their academic successes and enhance the skills and desires to have a positive impact on the global community.
James Lewis