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We took three cars, left at midnight and drove until 6 a.m., ... Everybody was leaving, and the roads were a mess.
Jack Curry

She's professional, but not rabid, and that has really given her distinction.
Jack Curry

Media Coverage of Volunteering, Philanthropy and the Nonprofit Sector,
Jack Curry

It wasn't looking nearly as serious at first. I packed for a few days. I thought school would be opening on September 1.
Jack Curry

[And Jack Curry of the New York Times said:] The trendy fall color in baseball is white, not red, ... And the painful year looming over the proud organization is 1917, not 1918. But, while the magical squad is the Chicago White Sox instead of the Boston Red Sox, and the drought without a championship is 88 years, not 86, the mission has not changed: win a World Series title. Finally.
Jack Curry