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I thought Ben has gotten better and better each week. The biggest thing with Ben is just learning the basics of offensive line play. He never really played that much offensive line, but he was born to be an offensive lineman. He has a bright future in this game. He's such a good person; he works hard, and he's smart.
Hugh Nall

Well, he must be hurt.
Hugh Nall

We just had some individual mistakes across the board. We could have played a lot better fundamentally.
Hugh Nall

I'm gong to keep doing that until I find the best five. I love every one of these kids. But like I told them, it's nothing personal. I'm going to find the best five. JP has some experience and if he's one of the best five, then he's going to be in there.
Hugh Nall

At tight end, you saw his quickness and that he was going to continue to gain some weight and tight end wasn't going to be his position. I've been watching him a long time ? long before I ever got him.
Hugh Nall
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