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Herman Jones Quotes

Prairie View is a small town and does not need to have a traffic light at the spot that it is at. A stop sign is all that is necessary.
Herman Jones

We're usually a lot better than that from the floor and from the line. I don't know what it was tonight, but we were fortunate to make enough of them at the end when it counted most.
Herman Jones

You can practice and get ready for a team like this. They do so much well. You can scout and look at film and talk about it and practice . . . they are a quality basketball team. I think they could beat some college teams.
Herman Jones

They have some weapons. They're getting better. I'm just glad it's our last game with them.
Herman Jones

We need to bring this to some sort of a closure. Some people are putting this off; but, with the deadline and the later price increase, it should encourage them to sign up now.
Herman Jones