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Fortunately, this happened in a strong economy, ... But I don't think anyone would say it will be positive.
Henry McKinnell

We share some of your disappointment in some of the news reported today, ... Beyond the quarterly numbers, we ask you to look at the greater picture of a Pfizer in transition.
Henry McKinnell

This is an important victory not only for Pfizer but for all innovators pursuing high-risk medical discoveries.
Henry McKinnell

We are evaluating our financial prospects for 2006 and 2007 in light of current and anticipated business conditions, and are withdrawing our prior guidance for those years,
Henry McKinnell

On all measures of financial performance, Pfizer/Warner-Lambert significantly outperforms Warner-Lambert with American Home Products.
Henry McKinnell

We are moving from what I call the 'old Pfizer,' a company characterized by the medicines we launched so successfully in the 1990s, to the 'next generation' Pfizer, characterized by a new wave of important medicines now reaching patients.
Henry McKinnell