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Helen Stewart Quotes

My grandmother used to make beautiful quilts. I loved to help her pick out the colors. She taught me how to sew and make quilts when I was only seven or eight years old. I used to collect my scraps of cloth to make quilts right along with her. And I used to make my own school clothes.
Helen Stewart

It's amazing how generous the people of Seaside Heights are. Food, rides, amusements . . . they give us everything.
Helen Stewart

I used to give my paintings away to people. I just wanted to make something pretty that would give somebody some pleasure. If somebody told me they liked a painting, I'd just give it to them.
Helen Stewart

I sit in my little corner and paint until, sometimes, late into the night. And I take my time. And I put a cross somewhere in everyone of my paintings. I do that because I thank God for everything. Without Him, I couldn't do any of this.
Helen Stewart