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Both the US Defense Department (Army Corps of Engineers) and the State Department have roles in reconstruction, however, the Iraq Project and Contracting Office (PCO) manages most of the pledged $18 billion.
Heather Layman

We're building for the future. Our belief is that planning for the future and setting ambitious goals ultimately helps the Iraqis achieve their goals.
Heather Layman

Starting about late 2004, we were finding out that security constrained our ability to build all the things we wanted to.
Heather Layman

Iraq's economy is forecasted to grow at a rate of 4 percent this year, and accelerate into the double digits next year. Per capita income is nearly double what it was two years ago.
Heather Layman

As we watched the work progress, it became clear that this job was more complicated than this one contractor could accomplish.
Heather Layman