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We tell them about Earth science, astronomy, plant science and marine science. But what we don't do is explain what the four basic sciences are and what the building blocks are. We go too broad too early. We don't go in depth enough.... You've got to understand the big picture of what science is and how all the sciences relate to one another. If you don't do that, you'll never get it and you'll never get a real interest in science.
Harry Orf

Computer modeling is the work to be done initially. Lab work is a long way off. Years.
Harry Orf

What everyone wanted, and what Scripps needed, was certainty ... and that's what we got.
Harry Orf

That is not going to happen this century unless we get more kids interested in science. We have 39 of the 50 best scientific institutions in the world. But U.S. enrollment is down and foreign enrollment is up. We have to change that if we want to be the innovators of the future.
Harry Orf