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Just occupying more than one person. He's the kind of person that can take on two people and still win. He has a presence in his pass rush. Sometimes, maybe your defensive tackles aren't maybe some of the solid pass rushers in the league. But we think he's one of the better pass-rushing defensive tackles around.
Gregg Williams

It's nice to see the way we're playing, but we have a lot of room for improvement where we think we've left plays on the field in every single ballgame.
Gregg Williams

We are ecstatic to have a coach with the caliber and experience of Jerry Gray joining our staff. Obviously, I'm familiar with Jerry from our previous years together and know that he's a great fit for our defense. He adds a new dynamic to our coaching staff and will help us continue to be one of the top defenses in the National Football League.
Gregg Williams

Joe is a very strong point-of-attack person. More importantly, there is a tremendous confidence in the guys who play around him when he is in the game. Everyone knows you can trust him with maximum effort on every snap.
Gregg Williams