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Really, when all is over and done with, people will judge a quarterback by wins and losses. That's the best criteria you can have. Sure, we want him to improve his completion percentage. We'd like for him to complete every pass he throws, but you have to be realistic. This offense develops, for many young players, from the inside out. We're moving along at just the right pace.
Greg Knapp

That's one measuring stick, certainly, for quarterbacks. But of all those games, how many ended up as victories for that guy's team?
Greg Knapp

It doesn't happen overnight. We're delighted with Mike's progress.
Greg Knapp

We're from two opposite backgrounds, but whatever's inside of him, from his core growing up, there's a quality I like in that he enjoys the game still as a kid. I think that's important at this level, because at this level the pressures are there. They will always be there, but as long as you see that core enjoyment of the game, I think that's important.
Greg Knapp
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He's definitely coming along now. Still, the coach in me wants to see consistency, game after game.
Greg Knapp