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Glenn Hughes Quotes

I thank God for His many blessings He has given me, but money and prestige are not what it's about. I seek spiritual progression.
Glenn Hughes
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I wouldn't call it religion. I call it a conscious contact with my Higher Power. I choose to call him God. I used to call him Glenn, but that used to piss him off!
Glenn Hughes

When I sing, I pick out people in the audience and pinpoint on them. So if you feel that I am singing just for you, you may be right!
Glenn Hughes
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With the entire staff of the fishing group working behind the scenes to secure donations, we're hoping to raise many thousands of dollars that will go directly to impacted families and individuals in the fishing industry.
Glenn Hughes

I love the art form of songwriting. I get to carry a lot of vibes to a lot of people. My songs are all about the human condition, and people will be able to find themselves in my songs.
Glenn Hughes
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