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At the very first meeting, I remember saying to him that I thought he was sent by God to heal the relationship between Catholics and Jews.
Gilbert Levine

It was conferred on me for my art, not for my being Jewish -- for my art and my service to this pope. And it doesn't get any better.
Gilbert Levine

There's a tremendous statement there about the universality of man. It's who the pope is.
Gilbert Levine

I believe he was able to soothe her. She actually became more devoted to Judaism ... and more comfortable, and also the pain in her eased.
Gilbert Levine
#Judaism And Jews

I would go into synagogues and talk to people before that concert and they would say, 'Oh, the pope and the Catholic Church -- you know what they did to us at the Holocaust and ... after that concert -- Wow. I would go out after that concert and people were astonished.
Gilbert Levine

The relationship found its rhythm. He began to rely on me for ideas of where music could express ideas that he wanted to achieve.
Gilbert Levine